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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

tuesday ride with the click_for cina raya holidays


Ride again with the group of 3.
AMin,Rizman & myself.

where?: BM jamboree parts....

Gathered at Din Bawal Goreng at 730 but i came in late.Sorry guys.
Departed around 845 to Sg Lembu "play park"
Steep cement climbing until the top.
Then, rough single trail downhill.
Entering BM parts from Kulim , keladi,machang bubuk,penanti junction & wow... nice technical downhill.

Ride on the edge of MEngkuang damn & then went ahead to bukit langkap.
Following the BM parts rolling downhill & out of the field at KEladi.
Excellent day.

I had a problem due to "eat too much the day before"
Nafas rasa tak cukup.. tula... makan dagin byk sangat... hahahahaha

BUt it was fun. Alhamdullilah no unwanted event took place.
Stopped at a small stall for pisang goreng,karipap,ayaq tebu & soya cincau.. wowowow
the best thing of course. no more second best.

Enjoy the view & trail.

The track info from everytrail

The pices

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