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Thursday, 4 February 2010

My first visit to the neighbouring country up north,


People starts to wonder.....
Y there? y?
my heart start to pound....
Y there? y?
i keep on smiling
y there? y?
There was An Off road bikin trip organised & the event need participants...

I heard about the trip & decided to join.

Many things influenced the decision.
1.My love towards biking especially off road.
2.My love to try new thing everytime
3.Its goin to be my first time crossin the border between Malaysia & Thailand.
4.Last two weeks i went bikin with some team at Pengkalan Hulu & had a nice glimpse of the Thailand Off road in between rubber trees...
5.I was supposed to join my KL geng on camping in Hutan Lipur Berkelah in Maran Pahang that weekend, but non of my frens wanna join me to travel to Maran from Kulim,so im not very keen to go by myself. In fact , im a big fan of The 40 m waterfall.
6. i wanna see "what really happen there" hahha

JOined Mizi & some new frens in Honda Stream. I brought my EM. Her first official trip.
Hang out a Baling for a bit before depart to Betong Via Pengkalan Hulu.

Arrived in Betong by 1600 Malaysian time.
Met Amin the Betong Mountain bike shop owner.

Met few more frens.

Had great late lunch & man.. the food was awesome. i never tasted anything like this before.... alles are gut,...

Went around the twon with tut tut after Megrib prayer & went back to hotel to rest. hAd late supper at the same restaurant & damn... the food was nice... phew...

the next day, we started the journey a bit late from schedule as there were many late turn up bikers..

The whole journeys was worth it. NIce host. (Amin & the Betong team took a very good care of us. the courtesy where non of us Malaysian can offer.)

We were escorted & guided very well by the host. Water point was perfectly organized. Support team was strong.

The track?????

damn.... single trail in the Rubber tree plantation... fun trail...nice view of the valley, canopy trail .. alles are beautiful... i can't forget those trail..
i took hell lot of videos on those & slowly uploadin the shots into u tube.. all will be able to view & enjoy the virtual atmosphere.

i couldnt track the trail as my iphone was out of battery.. totall not aware that Thailand does not use the same system as Malaysia.
Never thought that it would be that different. Luckily i already charged up my Bike camera....


Excellent bikin trip.
The trail was superb,
The host is beyond comparison
the food is great.
The girls...are everywhere... help... help...heheh up to own action,,,

anyway.. it was fub & very much worth it to turn down my beautiful campin trip to join this.

Videos will be uploaded slowly as it ll take sometime to complete those.

Enjoy & highly recommended to organize the trip & join future one.

100% recommended.

The videos.. ( SLowly upload)

Pre event


first hill climbing

The canopy ride starts...

taccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">

Canopy trail continues...

Climbin tanah merah ...

& the long downhill

to the water checkpoint...

another flat to the water checkpoint.

in the wood after water checkpoint

Fun in the wood...flat

updated on the 5th Feb 2010

part 11 more fun in the woods...

" the beautiful one" . the multi line single trail downhill. must see..Power ridin & power fun

part 14. more single trail in between rubber trees..

Part 15 must see climbin action by oldies

Part 16 Tok Megat in action Downhill single trail in between rubber trees
"always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">

Part 17.. last part. of climbin

Thanks to all


the quality is not as good as the original.

anybody wants the whole team on cd please let me know.
I'll burn & will post to you.

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