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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Infineon team to the making under "Recovery"


I broke my hand last July.2009
I missed Kedah Jamboree,Melacca Owl ride & several more.

Then my 1st jam was Kayuh Lasak.
Jane Lim updated to me that i need to register early to avoid disappointment. & i need to register in group even though i was the only one. So, i had to choose a name for my bogus group. Since on that time i was still recovering.. i named my group Recovery.

That is how the name surface out. Soon after that it became Recovery Malaysia.
Then all my frens who would like to join me by registering the name . The bogus group for free riders
Once i am fully recovered.... the team will be called "Recovered".It is fun to have Non real team as most of us hardly ride together anyway... so much of team spirit..

But ,,, RUN... we had compiled almost 15 names under "Recovery Malaysia " 'belts.
Are we a group ready to conquer & rock the house?
aha .... if we get serious... yes.. so far.. FUN is the only key & motivation. Even though non of us had any fun in recent Jamboree.

It is history in the making when most of the riders registered under " Recovery Malaysia" are riders without any license. ( Our license is to complete a jamboree)
It was even hard to convince these people to join any jamboree. RUN is the first.

So we will see what will happen in RUN. Preparation is very much on goin between the registered riders.

So good luck.

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