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Monday, 15 February 2010

2010 Callbaru Kulim Poly Mini Jamboree Test Track

Requested by Din burger AKA MIni jamboree supremo
Here it is...

here is the u tube link.( Change of procedure to optimize time)

Din in action.( nanti aku tunjuk kat bini ko heheh)

Before that... sorry... Assalammualaikum .

on the valentine's day, we were pampering our lust on the love to the nature & biking.
2010 Poly Kulim mini jamboree test track took place. My jiran Din callbaru p aka burger aka mini jamb supremo,invited me to join them for the test track & final marking.

almost 20 of us gathered & try the track. Most of us are beginners to intermediate.
It was fun & will be valuabled for those who are going to take part in the event.

"Short & mini technical power ride"

All must experience to be able to tell.
i'll share pic & videos ... you all decide.
But of course, kelapa sawit conquering the track condition percentage.

You will have a lot of fun. Most of the fun elements for riders of various stages are there. Ala ala kadar, enough to give all the taste of it.

-human made "rock garden" climbing n downhill,
-"desert riding" (bukit botak)
- "Magic Carpet" like power short downhill with canopy condition & fast swithbacks elements.
- Long 1.9km technical downhill for kaki layan. but be careful, many cases of jatuh & event patah tangan here hehehe. i wonder who is the guy...???
- Ramp for kaki lompat... (indication will be in placed prior to the ramp)
- long climbing
- rideable river crossing for those who dare..

Great weekd half jamboree distance training track.

Many more.

Video on

"rock garden " climbin..

"Magic carpet canopy power riding" Sumi in action
"magic Carpet"

Climbing 3m.

starting until first downhill n geng jatuh..

Starting from poly to kedai minum

bukit botak until cp 1

downhill to the ramp for the jump

everytrail tracking ( complete with the location geotag.)

The track

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