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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Save a bit from spendin on your bike.. & help out others whose dont even think of havin a bike... waht say u??

Assalammualaikum & good afternoon.

Wanna help out?

Read on..

KHTDT & Honeywell ( Penang) so call Charity lad are workin together to build a more comfortable house for this small family. in SIK Kedah. ( nearby)

last  Raya Korban,  I had joined Wargakilang ( northern branch group) for a Korban program & had visited this unfortunate family.

Daughter (about 10 yrs)
Son (<2 x<10)
Daughter ( youngest) <2
Mother = eeleeek...

 Small pondok is their only shelter
father work on his own
the elder daughter had to quit school to take care of the younger siblings...
that is their way..

WargaKilang scouting team found them & take necessary action. Alhamdullilah.

Im pretty sure by today, the eldest daughter is in school already . thanks to Wargakilang effort.

& now we are trying to raise fund to build a better house/home for them.

You decide,

We have not  yet set  the actual date for building.. but the fund raise starts now.

Care to spend RM 10 or more for this cause? it is up to you..

Can transfer money to me or to join us later to meet the family & bring the money to them.

Kindly sumi 0122163222 for further detail.

if you wish to visit the place , pls let me know & we can arrange the time & proper transaction or anything can be done...

May Allah bless all of you.

Visit this FB link for the fund raise event & detail

Visit the KHTDT FB page for our activities & previous event.  be a member if you dont mind

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