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Sunday, 8 January 2012

2012 Trek Hosba " Northern Kiara" + ?????


 They have done it again..

 pun dicurik dat MTB on rock

 gambo curik
 gambo in action dicuri dari blog sapa tah ni.. lupo
 ni dicurik dari redflag...

if, smaller area defined, as many as switch back introduced = Northern part of " kiara " will be there.. just.. it is out of range for daily use.. but .. why not???? hahahahah

Now,,, i can choose either to go south or north for MTB technical learning & ride,...

to all lads yg finding & bekerja keras working on this.. good job man..

Had my eye on the trek build up for almost a month or so.. FB & MTB blog were the source. " red flag, gerek baru jitra, bla bla & tandope....& saifuddin..& ngustat Raja...

Just waited for the right time to come. something worth it to travel all the way,

After several cover by founders group & earlier visitor ( photo & video post).. then kaki sudah gatal mau melawat...

this was my 2nd attempt to go... the first one was abandoned due to less supporter...

now this time... it was on..

Mr Sufian fra Penang & Mr usop from Kulim n now Yan responded & agreed to discover.

We departed from Seberang jaya as early as 0530. (someone might be little earlier than that... salute))
& pickep up mr Usop at Gurun RnR & did our subuh there.

Around 0830, we gathered & started to roll.

It was bloggers meet . Myself, Pudin from Alor Setar , mr Kri from MTB on rock & the famous MR Adi arriman. hahah finally met mr Oman real life  after months following virtually..& maybe there are more bloggers... sorry for not mentioning  as these are the one i knew only.. my weakness... apologize in advance...

What can i say about the trail...
1.All mountain setting will have a happy face all over..
2. Now is the time to take technical decent skill another step higher .
3. Very good training ground for number 2.
4. Malaysia is still full of beautiful nature..& we must start protecting those..
5. Old man having the time of their life going through those terrace drop like single digit age kids..... what a  life..
6. For single trail flowing & nature lover..... it is your world.
7. Will be excellence movie setting for trail bike in action

8. Many more RAW trail to be discovered..
9. You can play pool/snook after those andrenalin rush action.
10. There is always good variety of foods waiting for you once you had call it a day,, ( seriously .. super good one. Cendol, cucur udang, nasi ayam & many more) but... hehe the waitress might not understand what u orderred fully.. heheh )

Overall... will come back like my own back yard.. heheh.. ( will see)

Enjoy FB pictures

MY everytrail link ( videos can be seen here)

& many more..

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