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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Where to fix your faulty expensive watch??

Assalammualaikum.. it is not mine.. dont worry.

My wife .. hehe.
Her grandfather gave her this Longines watch after her good result in PMR almost 15 years back.

Last few months... it finally went down.
 down.. meaning really down.. change battery also cannot.

So, she was sad & looking forward to send anywhere to get this lad fix.

nak hanto Woh Hin le ( Campbell stree Penang) & so on.
Usually , this kind of "pricy" watch.. ada agent yg declare that they the only one can fix & it will cost a fortune. almost similar price of the actual price.. ridiculous... but .. that is how it is now..

So, after scouting around..& finally her father, which is my father in law = Mr Sofian, suggested 1 small shop in Jalan Raja Uda.

Hmm... can this guys fix it??

He look experienced & professional enough to do the job. but????

Anyway.. we submit in just to try our luck.

 Mr Sofian : the informer
 The opposite shop
The shop

As usual. they will try to troubleshoot & suggest cause of problem. 
after 2 weeks, he called. Sudah siap  huh????? how come?? heheh

Of course, they found the defect part, order a new one ( not sure either original or not) & then fix them.   Swiss made ka, italy made ka, china made ka?? semua da part.. so .. hanto je la kat local expert macam depa ni.. Amazing..
I really recommended this one. they even sell old wall clock, kuku clock,  used ROLEX.. & so on..  very small shop & yes.. no confident to go in if no one informing you... seriously..
But now, my wife watch is working work & back to life.

Im sure.. many other shop & tua tua apek yg capable of fixing those... We just need to find them...

ENjoy guys.

They have a blogspot as well.

Later ill put the link.

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