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Monday, 5 December 2011

What is there left to offer for Kayuh Lasak 2012 ????


Is that the correct question?

Yeah .. i did asked that?.anyone ??. i dunno what to expect next year.

KAw.. really sure kaw.. I rated this year "The badass trail".

Sure love this one.. what more to expect. & with this challenges & the KAWness.. i need to start training for next year.. at Least to be at the front 200 to get smooth flowing on climbing in the beginning..

sorry to frens which were stuck in the middle & had to join the Traffic jam. 1500++ riders in a single or small double lane to climb steep hill??? forget about it man..

I had  some training mileage for the event. The one that i look high on. Recovered from injury just in time to get ready for this one. ALhamdullilah,.. had my chance & was really really careful on the descent as to protect my healing body part....

Little story of mine about KL11.
 this was earlier

& the actual..

Something is not right here hehehe ;-)
So ,  i was only sticking to the 1st one & imagining that the extra 55km was something just to extend to drain riders.. but again.. i was wrong..simple trick of digital manipulation.. does it all.. hahaha

Managed to complete all 9 CP & ended the pleasurable but punishing ride at 1336. 

216 was my lucky number. & again Alhamdullilah that i didnt collect any injury . some minor falling at the technical decents caused no harm.

Fun parts of the ride:
1. Short on road which is a plus for me.. I hate flat road. but the organizer need to find a way to distribute this group to reduce the traffic cloggin on the first climbin. ( nothing else except speed up lee hehe)
2. Killer climbing but i was in 2nd or 3rd front group. Managed to climb a little then no choice as people still didn t learn the manner to let stronger riders to ride on the right side. ( this one, at PCC presindential  was the habit & stressed out clealrly)
3. Killer DH with killer switch back & killer slippery condition. They topped all...perfect combination to test bike control. I was really carefull & had to slow down as it will be bad if something happen & i have to sit on the bench for sometime...
4. Technical decent was great & braved myself to try & ended up fell at the bottom... heheh.. it was fun still need to learn & to brave the decent.
5. The several KM Tarmac decents after CP4 DH ( on the new flyover) . the view was great & i really enjoyed that short resting & thought that The Organizers must had designed this route with the same mind. Trail designer.. thanks for this..
6.The rolling in the canopy at the last hill. Managed to pace up myself & capture the front group. After sometime. a train of 10 riders were there & we were motivating ourselves to complete the trail. & able to passed them before the decents by following the stronger rider. SOmehow, the muscle follows the mind eventhough that they were in so much pain. the mind then was manipulated by a good motivation when work out in group..something for me to look forward to. hmm

Not so fun parts of the ride:
1. The punishing Bukit genting. ( tak habis habis this one heheh.. drained up already & kill my time)
2. i had very low pressure rear tire (caught a very slow punture) which was noticed by riders behind me after first DH,but i though it was ok. it was not total flat & managed to carry me all the way to the start of hill number 4. realized that it was bad when i took the right corner on tarmac with some speedfor tarmac climbing for hill 4.( kawasan perumahan somewhere) i was drifting & almost fell down due to the too low pressure.
Pumped in some air & it was back to normal & stupidly i though it will be ok.. It lasted for about 10 mins & it was lembik again. ( low pressure) than i reallized.. slow puncture.  fixed the tire & start climbing again & only to realize that i was about 200m to the top of the hill.. shoot.
3. Hate the long flat on gravel after ending up all the hills section to collect CP 8... i hate flat & need to improve this section in my routine.. I cant push & i have no motivation to push on flats.. hehe help me guys..

That was it..

Full of challenges, exceed my limit, adrenalin rushed down... & full concentration on no mistake DH sections.

& overall "Badass MTB Trail" : which you will love it but you  have to suffer to experience it.

 tak cukup sifat as the last 6 km was not captured.. habih battery le..

 The trail
 Finishing point. WIth Joe Fifi 3G. half dead trying to catch this lad.

 In action on the last Decent.


 Man & the Machine
 Berteduh masa starting point
 The machine
happy time before suffer time

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