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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

tips on how to ride a bike..( more to how i ride my bike heheh)


hmm,, How?? HOw?

started learning when i was 6 inside my grandma kampung house compound.

We had this classic chopper when i use to push up the small hill & then ride the bike to learn balancing... i used the slope to gain the speed as pedaling was almost impossible at that time..

then we i reached the bottom & started losing the speed...
.. hehe & my family was just laugh their head off..

i did that tons.... & still cannot pedal ..

a week after.. i used my cousin  smaller version bike & start to pedal... hahah several attempts & jatuh sini  sana.. hhehe.. & yes.. after about hour or so... i can go  in circle... finally...

From that moment on,..... "bicycle .. bicycle..." i want to ride my bicycle... i want to ride my bike.... i want to ride my bicycle.... i want to ride it .. when i like.."" the only  thing... i did' n have one.. it was a family sharing bike... so .. we had to take turn..

then when i was 9, the family chopper finally become mine as  the rest had grown bigger already & try to be cool not to bike around... hahaha stupid fact...

The chopper had a facelift... my father had this crazy idea to totally change the front tire to a bigger one as the smaller one had some tough time to find a spare. the bike got the part & did what it was intended too anyway.. we had to "manual extend the fork to accommodate the need. hehe.. then that was  where i learn to modify...hmmm>???

When i was 11, my father bought my 15 years old bro a racing bike.Apollo brand. it was cool.  with gears & stuff.. of course my chopper had something to toggle to but.. by the time i had my hand on it... all were gone or no functioning .. wow.. i used to take the chance to ride the bike & offered myself to go to shops for anything anytime....hahah..Macam iklan kereta sekarang?? lai bini berebut nak bawak..

Then when i was 13, the bike was mine.. heheh( with naughty grin).. 2nd hand again... my brother did not care about this as again.... it was not a cool stuff to ride a bike...for him or most of the teenagers back then..

Then , sometime that year, i lost the bike. it was stolen at Tun Razak public library in Ipoh... huwaaaaaaaaaaa. It was the dark time in my life...

Several months later... my father bought me my first time ever rigid fork Mountain bike... from Singer....yeah.. that sewing machine brand... last time. they offered mountain bike..
phew.. can u imagine?? the bike which capable to ride on off road & can climb easily & many more gears??? at that time, Camel Trophy was a talk of the country.. it was on tele for somekind of documentary. or something... most of us kids were " wooooooooo ing" & dying to for it..

Then, the bike got me dream on....

& i lost it again as my father had to send back the bike to singer due to faulty part & i never got back the bike..

it was sad again...

 then  i had another 2nd hand racing bike . complete alloy & very light . my father bought it from a fren who used to be a rider. RM 150... hahah.. fairly cheap now but not then..
it was cool again.. as my frens figure out that my bike had higher end parts but old stuff... i had no idea on all this..i just want to ride & yes.. i had a bike ...

Sent out to facelift again & the bike came out like new with new paint.... only rm16 for that. Kedai basikal Chin Soon in Ipoh town. ( Is that correct ipoh gang?? correct me )

Then , I had to leave the bike behind . It kind of sad. had to enroll into a boarding school in Johor. huwaaa.

Then, i lost the bike again.. during one of my school holidays, i brought the bike to KL to my sister's house & when i was back in the hostel, they forgot to keep the bike inside the house & guess what???? got stolen again,.. huwaaaaaaaaa

He he & that week , my sister & the world family came to visit me in Johor & belanjain mi stuff.. & later to reveal the story & huwaaaaaaaa.. i was 16  then...

 I went to Europe to further my studies & during my 2nd year in  uni, i bought a 2nd hand mtb & start  cycle to lectures... yeah....& fun time again...

but , i had to sell the bike to fren when i had finished my course & it was time to go back home.

it was 2000 then..

In 2005, i was sent to Austria for company training & bought myself a 2nd hand racing bike. ( Bianchi with 22 inch size) .. it was ok.. to ride around the beautiful lake near my staying ..& i shipped that bike back.. & still with me... ( actually , the bike is now,, at this very moment,, at RS Cycle Tokkun shop. For sale hehehe

in 2008, i bought a bike after Government had increased the oil price & i decided to bike to work.t.  then i bought a few more 2nd hand stuff  & are still with me. The first hand one was sold to a fren. heheh..

NOw, i enjoy riding my bike again....BUt this time around, more into the lasak stuff, off road, epic ride & so ..
It is bike cool time now... everywhere people in Malaysia starts to bike...

& I m happy to be in Biking family..

Many events available & you just choose anyone u like....
thousand & thousand cool bikers around & yes... we love to bike.. im sure... all had their onw stories about bike.... im  sure had one & it stucked up here forever. ( pointing at my head)..

So guys.. hell yeahhhh.. hmmmm actually.. heaven yeahhh.. i wanna to go there rather than the first one.. heheh  .. RIDE.. ON.....

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