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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Shaolin soccer punya sedara....

Hai & assalammualaikum.

Last week (4th-6th june) i was in KL.

Supposedly i was about to join the Ipoh event but decided to go straight to KL instead to be with my family & my wife.

Hmm it was a good call as my sister in law was having a problem & we had to be in the SJMC for almost half a day on that saturday . Pity her & alhamdullilah.. all are ok now.

Then sunday the 5th, i joined Hakuna geng to FRIM. Never been to before.

So , 5 of us, Bert, Lan, badang & Najib gathered ... hehe

 It was raining & things were slowed down by nature..

i forgotten my socks & went several direction to get one & finally managed . Found kedai runcit on the way to PJ & Sg BUloh signboard direction... hehe it that correct??

the geng chosed Dream trail, tangki ayaq, pacat trail & steroid.
He he he.. according to the, to complete the RM3 we had to pay to enter the park.. damn... i dont pay anything in Kulim..

it was great... With the technical & stuff.. hmm.. not a place for XC setup bike i supposed.. or just me.. hehehe

Apa susah.. takut nak turun.. sorong...takut jugak.. nangis le. hehe..

It was fun with the group & yeah all of us managed to complete the all RM3  hills...  what i found out is.. this Hakuna's leader was somehow managed to skip to complete all 3 hills.. & this time.. by Allah, he managed .. finally...

he hehe.

On the way down to go home, we took a rest at the "Mountain bike Track" signboard & met this group.

1 of them had a familiar type of dressin.. the one you might see in the movie or in temple...
long sock covering the pants.. brown colour & loose attire.. it cannot be it?? nooooooo... i dont believe this...  a shaolin pedaller...   or a monk or whatever u want to call.. hmm 

a cheeky smile coming out from my face... he must be strong & will use his kungfu inner strength to climb hills & down the DH track . & all will be easy for him hehe.. ( movie influence)

Haha .. had a chat with the group & the guy himself... pretty pleasant sight ... to have a monk/ shaolin monk as pedaller... /mountainbikers... or so..

this sport has managed to reshuffle Malaysia's social group. we have monk, Haji ( i knew a few & met one in Jeli jamboree ... not sure whether he was a haji  but he was wearing turban during the ride. hajjah & many more....  great sight & great feeling to know that the sports has no boundaries... it is only a sport, an activities that one can join without compromising one religion need ..  (maybe muslim need to tutup aurat  sikit  for yg terlupe tu...  insyaALlah)..

All can be done...

hehe.. we end the day & headed to our won destination.. it was a good laugh... for Hakuna's...


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