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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Nearest Future events (for me) InsyaAllah

Assalammualaikum & very good morning to all.

Things i look forward to in July. Damn it... everyday im counting the hours...

2nd-3rd July 2011:
-Infineon colleague' Kampung kebun durian ( Jalung, Sg Siput)
-Cameron Highland with bikin lads
-Thompson trail of course with KL gangs... ( menjemput diri sendiri lehehe)


Last time September 2010, i was there , lost steam at Bukit Meluat until Kedai Boh. & Bukit Boh seems impossible to climb....

10th July 2011
-Supporting local bikin group organized event. (Kayuh Bendang)

-Another happy ride event & big tires on my bike for more resistance ridin heheh.. (on a mission)


24th July 2011
-PCC Malaysia  event in Broga.

- heard about this last 2009 & missed the event. damn. this time i managed to register & insyaAllah will have some fun. 60KM Endurance ride.. something i look forward too. hmm kena train la ni... nanti semput lepaih 40 km...

 SOmething i like about this group.

They have setup a good system, stick to it, change a bit whenever necessary ( upon majority request like group registration) & not to forget to have fun... ( refer above PCC confirmation email) . hahah hilarious.. From this , i presumed , the event will be so much fun insyaAllah.. Let us see...


Any of you are on the list... we might bum to each other.. so say hi now.. HIiiiiiiiiiii


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