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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

the way is shut....


First day of Tarawih prayer .. meaning.. tomorrow is fasting.,,,
Meaning... resting on bikin & activities...meaning ..getting fat... meaning fitness slowly degradin....
meaning... many more...

Hahah.. but of course this is the month.. we can start all over..
meaning.... regain the Iman.... meaning... start lookin on ourselves... reducin or even eliminatin the sin.. ( hmmm can ah?) meaning... overhaul our body, mind & soul & the lust,,,meaning...many more

So, somethin to tell & not much too show.

I registered for NTMTB10 & Langkawi international but didnt turn up on both events.
This is y..

The NTMTB!) weekend.. went to Kota Bahru.
Mi wife had a Training/course in KB, & i just decided to join her at her hotel since I never been to KB. I decided to drive after work after the terrible INARTE ESD certification test. phewwwww..
5 days of torturing with ESD lesson & mock test. That friday was the final paper. 2 papers with 40 MCQ each. each lasted 4 hours. i mean, it really need 4 hours. Open book type.. damn. & today, we got the result & i passed... Iam INARTE ESD Certified Engineer, heheheehueuue yes yes.

So depart Kulim by 1900 & reach Renassaince by 0000. huh....
Then you know, mi wife nak pi itu tompek Cek yeh .. damn.. women with shoppin.. it is just not in my bag.
Had lunch at this Cigku Nasi ulam  in the Karangkraf place.. very nice.. & many more..
KB is such a place. i really would like to come again & again & again.
On sunday after sendin my wife to airport, i followed Google map from iphone the route to Kulim. I went by it inch by inch, small path,behind villagers houses, kebun getah, & wowow... you will never imagine those small not very clear road can lead you out .. At last i emerged at somewhere near Jeli. hahah.KB to Jeli in roughly 1H15M. ( driving at a very slow pace & enjoyin the view. ( almost got scared) hahaha.. alhamdullilah nothin happen.. it was in the afternoon anyway...

haahha enjoy...

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