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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Pencil colour is history


I used to save 20 cents per day when i was a kid.At STD 1 , i saved that amount per day by spending only 30 cents during recess. My first step to education was in Sekolah Kebangsaan Manjoi , Ipoh , Perak. after a week, i had collected enough money to buy myself a set of "lunar Pencil Colour" ( The shorter version). I remembered that , it was the best time of my life. Really appreciate the moment.

Now, i never collected money to buy things. i dig them. under my table, inside jeans & most of the time in my washing machine. Not to say that i have tons of those papers.. but what i am trying to say that is.. im no longer enjoying the feeling of collecting money & wait patiently until money is enough & the item is yours.Dunno y adults like me stop or actually have not started doing that.

Ha ha .. so .. i have sold my pencil colour. just the body. i am tryin to upgrade my stuff. & still doing so. this year, 2010, i want to go to a level higher than last year. but of course... used items. heheh... im not a fan of new stuff. i can get godd price for those. in fact halve or even less than that. items are still good.The fact that im not the type yang jaga barang sampei nyuci nyuci sampei berkilat, i suke jatuh sana sini, calar sini sinun... so .. used items.. akan menyebabkan my hati tak sakit.. so i speak...

sebenarnya tak mampu .. heheh habis cerita..

haha.. so yang baru.. tak finalized lagi.. nantile.. hutang pun tak habis.. heheh...
tu la pasal.. depa racun,, aku tak mampu... racun jugak.. so aku racun balik suruh bayo dua kali.. habis.. dua dua kena racun.. yang untun... org yang jual... aku untun sat ja.. lagi sebulan dua... berkenan kat yang lain pulak.. hahaha.. kena racun lagi.. hehehehe

enjoy the goodbye feelin.....

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  1. Teman dulu pun beso di Manjoi .. sekolah di Jln Dourglass thn 67 ..