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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

nothin personal, is just, we are better than u

in kl now. last weekend nampak byk bike on top of cars.
i guess they just finished PCC Nexus prez ride.. damn.. i saw the event from Jane Lim FB.

& There was also some criterium near damansara or something.. & i cant do anything about it..

hand recovery period.. i had to go to Cheras Tesco to get the soft ball which i can squeeze to train my right hand muscle... & it is kind of hard.. phewwwwwwwww.

The ortho doc gave me MC until 28th sept 2009. Puuuuuuhhh.. after raya.

my boss will be mad at me... & there goes my review this year.......

so what to do now.. ?? bikes r at home sleepin...

Hmmm next month then...

if i didnt break my 3rd metacarpal... i could have train & become as fast as this.

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  1. itu le pasel yeop..kayuh beskal laju tak hingat. tapi takpe dapat MC lama..syiokk tuu