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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Pencil colour historial event.

She was born yesterday. 21nd of February 2009.The late GT gal service has to be terminated due to space constraint.It was sad to call it off for her.But the change is imminent.

Main purpose of the change is basically to run the GT gal since one of her part was ruined. She failed to serve in 2 events due to the same problem. It was kind of disappointing.First event was during Kulim MTB exploration pre mini jamboree in Sg Kob & the 2nd occurrence was during Kulim MTB Exploration Track Marking & Cleareance session. Anyway, something need to be done to let her run freely. But her service is no longer available as pencil colour take over now as the main chassis.

PC is upgraded to the level of owner's "financial willingness to spend budget". So like one time deal, fix one major, fix all possible.She is equipped with many new parts used & new ,high & low.
Today is going to be her maiden short trip.

to be continued.

Continue... March the 3rd 2009.

PC completed it's stage 1 upgrading process .The target of upgrading her is to let her be her best condition for the owner to fully use her potential. She has big potential now.It is up to the owner to unleashed her capability. New chassis, power plant,transmission system ,accompanied with several used performance parts, she is ready for the job. Her maiden run was a successful one but hiccup was there to fix.Her second run earlier today was awesome.Braking power is totally improved & the suspension system has entered a level higher. She is by far better than her successor,GT gal.

More test to come to unleash Pencil color 's true performance.Updates on the test will follows.

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