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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

2nd day of the week. ( starts on monday)

Assalammualaikum & good day to all .

Let me tell you a bit y on earth i started this blog. Always wanted to do so & started already with friendster. No idea now what happen to the site. heheh.

I have joined this Mountain bike team base in Kulim High Tech residential area. It is all because me wanting to get fit.When the government aggressively raised fuel price, i was a bit of a rebel & tryin to do my bit & stay fit at the same time. I thought less driving than will contribute less money to goverment in term of tax & less fat on my body.

My first bike was Mr Montana Elite worth RM 880. SOme of my Infineon frens already bought & formed a small group. I bought this bike instantly after i saw it. love at the first sigh heheh. Actually the price was just about right at that moment.Then the story begin.

Biking to work has made myself a little celebrity in Infineon.Frens were making fun & several were even called me tryin to save. heheh. A few of them betted that my new habit wont last. People will always be people.

The life was good. After 2 weeks, im used to the system. My fitness level has shown tremendous progress. I can constantly ran up & down in the futsal pitch wihthout running out of breath for almost an hour. It was great achievement since a month back i can't last for 10 min in the game.

The habit continues for several months & frens were no longer making fun. In fact , they were impress by my istiqamah.( Displine).

Fasting month came & i had no choice but rest for a month. Then it ended up for more than that. 3 months actually.Huhuhu.

Then, i started join this High tech residential MTB group.KHTBikerz is the name.
My maiden trip was biking in Sedim. It was lot of fun to finally do some off road with my bike. New frens were superb.They welcomed me in the team like no others. Salute to them for making beginners always part of the team. I mean always.

Then from there, my journey raised to another level. ACtivley joined more & more off road trips with the team.Penang trip, Padang tembak tracks & Ulu Mahang "mother of all " track for me.
This Ulu Mahang trip really taught me a lot. Damn...

Then i started to familiarize with Google earth. Trying to create all the trips i went with my bike & watch them in 3D with the software.(Every trail) It was so much fun & i started thinking that hei...i could post those tracks.

From there i started marked my House in Kulim & watched it with aerial view from less than 100m away.( Google earth 2003 data). Kulim happen to be one of the area where NASA had better rendered snapshots. So , detail roads were visible. I marked my Uni life residential. It was amazing to be able to see the places you've been & recognized the roads you were on for the past 13 years. I even marked my father's in Law house & labelled it Rumah Hj Sofian. Hahaha.

With this data, no wonder the STAR WARS is possible. I mean really WAR from far away. Scan around, choose the target & boooom. Damn

Then the blogger system was chosen to be my 2nd system of bloggin.

Mountain bike has gave me another meaningful side of life. With the bike, i can easily access any road & path. Sometime it feels like riding on a 4x4 vehicle & tryin to overcome the challenges ahead & just complete the task. Just this one is cheaper version of it..Har har har.

Who would have guess that Kulim has a padi field?I didnt. Then with my bike we went on track in between of padi field. It was amazingly super cool scenery. Three years in Kulim & just found out about that.

So, i thought of sharing those moments with the world. Not the best reviews/blogs/stories from me, but 2nd best is my side of the story.


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