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Friday, 13 February 2009

Away from Kulim.

Message received. : from Amir KTC, Hello ,besok pagi jom kayuh kat bukit pencawang belakang rumah. ( Kulim High Tech Park)

He he he.. i just mananged to smile. I am now In 1 Borneo Sabah in Courtyard Hotel.
I am on PKTR participant's Interviewing Trip. All started in Kuching on Thursday 12th of February & today will be for Sabah candidates.

PKTR is an annually Leadership course under Yayasan Tun Razak organized mainly to gather the best young Malaysian Leaders & to polish the skills to the highest level possible.

Dont ask y i am invited to be in the communitee.He He He.

" Interviewers walked to Hotel after the interviewing session." (Kuching near Padang Merdeka)
On wednesday 11th February 2009 marked another one Historic day for me. It was the day where I've covered Malaysia .(Been to all states in the country). Small accomplishment & very happy to be able to achieve.Hu Hu.

Kuching is an unic City. Many races ,cultures & beautiful people. Not to mention their exotic item & stuff." Gambir Sarawak" ,Head hunter, Turubuk ikan masin & Sape.( Funny musical instrument).

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