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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Machine PM


Hmm. Yesterday i went to Bukit 3m in kulim for a short burn out session prior to the 60 km PCC Presidential ride. Hmm many unwanted were discovered. post thompson trail use.

I broke my FD
My front handle was loose.( became super loose during decent)

Then i had to send for service to Pian.

Hmm duit lagi. Then after broga, sure kena hanto service juge...

Why pian aka RS Tokkun.

So far,

His the one yg dok repair my bike, setting up, awkward setting the way i like it,
Modify when other mechanics might end of ideas.

List of my awkward setting done by Pian.

Too many for my bike.
I have about 4 mtbs . Used items which i bought n upgraded from time to time. From local source to international & 90% are used items. Usually i just give the idea n swapping parts the way i thought it will be good for some reason n Pian is the place to do the job.
Take off itemx from bike A to be put at bike B n so on. Modify parts by grinding, drilling n everything.. You name it. Kalu kedai Kereta, like pimpin the ride here.i would like to test the parts n ride. after testing it, will ask pian to change the unit to another. Heheh of course, kena bayo le..

Pian will fix the bike the way the rider fix their bike during the event. ( on going event) haha.. N this one time, he fixed the v brake issue with simple touch after other mechanic was stucked with it about 2 hours.

What else wshould i say... Im not into raring cause.. Too lazy ... But i guess.. I know where to go n yes can compare the quality in the services...

Most of the northern bikers might know his shop n benefited accordingly but some might had different view. Hei.. Tepuk tangan tanya tangan. Le.. Kedai mana yg kamu suke hanto utk repair bike?.. For me... The shop is one shop ill go n visit along with others.

So go n visit..

Location: Cheruk Tokkun, next to the mosque.

Or call him...


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