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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

1 more to go for July Event

Assalammualaikum & alhamdullilah.

 Done 2 & 1 more to go & everything was ok.

Setup the heaviest bike i can put on with big fat DH tires at front ( 2.55 WTB weirwolf LT) & 2.35 Continental gravity with triangle knob.  Damn.
It was so heavy & sloppy on the tar. but once entering offroad ( sand & small gravel ) it was not bad. Just that im not too strong to go faster . hehe It was a good training  i hope..

Kayuh Bendang 2011 was fun. The event was organized systematically & in the beginning i cant imagine that it could be that fun. ( I hate straight flat trail because i cant push. i have no mental strength for that. if there is hill... ill enjoy. but, this time around i had registered again just to push myself on the flat. wanna see how im  coping after a year. This year, they offered 1 section of hill which was just great & something to look forward too in the event.

Completed the trail at 1028 & damn... so  so so tired & hungry.  Didnt bring along any food & only ate a banana at CP2. i thought it will be a lazy sunday ride. but .. hmm when you are in big group & everybody was pushing... you tend to do the same i guess. at least up to your limit. & yes, i did push up to my limit..with no energy supplement... i end up drinking almost 20 cups of free vico drink after the ride. haha..

Enough there..

Another endurance event will take place. final event in july & yeah.. can be said before Fasting month...

PCC presidential ride. 60km of road.. & hell people talk about how hard the trail is & so ... hmm.... so.. i guess.. need more training to survive.

Ok guys.. anybody goin to Semenyih??? see ya there on the 24th. insyaAllah..

May Allah be with you..

My Kayuh Bendang story... 
( Forgot to turn on at the start & only turn on after 10-15 minutes)

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