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Monday, 3 January 2011

Kulim 2009 MTB Exploration Original track revisited report.....


The report.

Total turn  up : 13
Riders after first hill: 11
Riders after the last hill: 10

Starts: 0845
End : 1230

Number of prominent hill: 3

It was a classic. It remind me of the time i had firstly joined & killin myself on those hills.. the first hill with a cement single trail ascending was not the one i fancied & was not able to climb with a bike. Hiking was the mean of it.

The track is still the same. but this time, the turned up team was a regular  riders .So, maybe no problem to them. Even some of  the marks are still visible.

This hill managed to chicken out 2 of the turned up.Total off road with loose  gravel & non flat slippery mud in the first 300m of the climb.

The 2nd hill offers another technical ascend. with wild grass, non flat surface full of water runaway..., loose gravel, slippery mud & daaahhhhh arrggghhhhh. It was hard for us stay on the bike..heheh at least us...

The long donwhill was there .hmm.. the compound has turned up very hard. I mean rock hard... so no smooth ,fast & sweeping downhill.. takut mah...heheheh

Then the last hill. We got lost. after seraching here & there,, we managed to find but almost at 3/4 distance from the original distance.It was.. hard as the first time i rode on it.. with slippery surface & steep angle. mud & mud everywhere.. huwaaaaaa.. it was tough & yeah for us again..By this time, all were tired. I told them even more scary fact. It is just the first check point.... What???????
The new kids on the block ( 15 years old gang) were really shocked? they had done 2010 Kayuh Lasak & finished all the checkpoint by 1400.from their face, they cant believed that for this trail, we just cover CP1. hahahah.. total off road & wild surface. that is the different.

We were stopped by the guard to enter the 2nd part of the trail.

"New management", tanpa urusan .. tak boleh masuk...

Huwaa.... most of us were frustrated but thankful... heheh you know who you are,,,

Then we had to head to Tmn Bukit Mahkota & do 2009 Polytechnic Kulim Mini jamboree first part in reverse. The loose gravel downhill turn up to be loose gravel steep up hill.... huwaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
 But it was the last climb... so no choice...........

 had our refreshment & recuperating meal at Sg Ular & head to whatever our own target destination.

En Yusoff was the sponsor of the day. It was his birthday. heheh... Selamat hari tua old buddy...


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