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Friday, 14 January 2011

2011 Banjaran Bintang changed to 2011 Kota warisan Mit Orangje

Assalammualaikum & salam sejahtera.
Tagged along with Geng Jahat Oren colour to Kota Warisan somewhere near Dengkil.
 Summoned Azmir to join & yes he did joined without hesitation. Good old buddy.

About 10 to 13 people gathered & we started the day with a small speech & a doa. ( thanks for welcoming mi & my fren) it was a nice gesture..

Meeting point: Pasar Awam Dengkil
Turn up: 10-13
Ride starts at: Around 0800
Ride ends at: 1430

It began with Tarmac & entering Ladang kelapa sawit.
It was a fine day with less sun light.Alhamdullilah, it stayed like that almost the whole journey.
If not, we might suffer more for the second half of the track.

I did a summersault act in one of the small descend at the beginning. I dont know, once going down with a little force to reduce the speed, my handle bar got twisted outward & i dont know how ,then, phewwwww....360 tertunggeng ke depan.. har har har..luckily nothing much happen & it was at slow speed.

Re tighten the handle bar & move on. I had a small phobia after that .. had to check here n there if the handle bar was tighten tight enough to handle the force during DH. I had sent my bike for servis earlier on & maybe & maybe  it was not tighten properly..

Thanks to the back markers for helping out during the time.

Then, another near disaster  event also came in. During one of the DH, my rear wheel skidded & almost managed to put me down. I remembered the feeling.. it was not good & kecut perut & all.. managed to return to the stable position .pheww.... close call..

The track was nice. with various challenges. & at 1 of the part, we tried 2 or 3 times to conquer the peak. non of us pass. I tried twice & yes.. ill come again. It is about 200m up to 25-35 degree incline.. on loose gravel, grass & non flatted surface. & near gaung on your left hand side.

Ha ha.. stop at the local Cendul stop for some light snack. but not too light for some people.
Then the second part began. The offroad session was fun. it is really an off road. the offroad with hard a road left. With a bit of stumbled, everyone managed to got to the peak.. it was a nice view & yeaahhh..

Several act in front of the camera & then we climbed for the last peak before going down.

Heiiii Yeah,,, the downhill section was fun.... but required a bit of technical & control if wanna go smooth..  & the last part was the best.. but i stopped..heheh   I had this phobia of stopping at a DH section. once i stop ill have problem to restart.. so for this case,,, i sorong my bike a little then only rode at the safer area... heheheh poor me.

Journey to the car on tarmac was ok. rolling section.

It was a fun half a day trip with bike & i m certainly will come back to conquer the steep hill. haha

Thanks to GengKayuhBeb.. You guys are awesome. My fren & i felt welcome all the way & were included in the group without any prejudice. That shows how versatile this biking group is..

Well done & keep up the good frenship among all the MTB hardcore Malaysia...( we will get there one day... Hardcore in trailing....) har har har .. insyaAllah

facebook link for photos..

Everytrail link for tracking

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