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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

until today... im not recovered.......what a weekend


Betul.. tak tipu... semalam aku pi kerja... then kena conduct training,,, masa lunch aku dah mengantuk gegile punya... Ya Allah.. macam mana da....
mintak nescafe kat awek sorang ni... so bertahan le sampei abis presentation.. lopeh tu start balik ngantuk sampai aku no choice.. pi check in kat surau.. .. hmmm

apa yang aku buat sampei penat sgt... hahaha

hari sabtu

1. kami berlapan membuat satu tujahan yang agak bervisionary... aku ngan din ( n maybe more yang dah tgk bukt tu) telah lama berkenan duli untuk memanjat bukit botak yg buleh dilihat dari ktc. So today ( 10th april) kami terjah.
2. dpt berkumpul lapan org. Din poly, hj din, pak kot ( all from telipon baru nak pi punya geng) usop transformer, & dua geng intel,, lupo nama depa.
3.biasala.. kata start 730. 900 baru jalan. maklumle.. semua ketentuan Allah..
4. Din yg mengelead,,, tak berapa pasti jalan nya. so langsung sesat. dah tgh climbin bukit tinggi ni.. baru perasan bukit botak tu kat sebelah kiri... so punggah balik.
5, finally jumpa kaki bukit , climb sampei 100 meter aje rasenya.. tarus berehat sampai decide nak balik & sambung nxt time.

balik pengsan sampei pukui 4.

Then went for shopping & wnt to kepala batas...

Ahad ( 11th)

Join kayuhan bendang.
1. the most boring ride i ever joined..
y is flat ride... flat flat flat .... & i hate tarmac & flat... the strategy is .. peddal hard ... that is it.. i hate that.. jalan guna batas bendang.. i love the pasir surface & tanah liat.. hmmm but the view is nice... very nice journey in term of views... love it... but i wont do it again. too flat... almost fall as sleep..

but at the end of the day.. it was a fun ride..i had fun for some reason. meeting frens & get to know more people...

started at 0730 & im done by 1000.
i used my favourite GT with 2.35 tire setup. just to get more friction on the road. for training purposes... what am i training for?? hehehe
so all the way i was using 25th to 27th gear. big 1 up front..... 29th & 28th were too heavy for me with that big fat tires... hehehe. From the every trail info.. my average is 19 km/s .. way too low for a flat ride.. no wonder those people.. were already taking pictures among the others & took my picture also when i arrived. that shows... they were way ahead & had arrived super early. hehehhehe

recovery geng had a problem.. 1 of us had an accident.. a Waja with plate no KBD 9338 hit the guy & smashed his front window. The guy is now in Seberang Jaya Hospital.. i dunno the condition. I went to sent his & his wife bikes to Kepala batas hosp, we end up helpin the wife to do a poliec report.. we were then told to go to kepala batas police station ( traffic) one there. the officer told ud to wait outside after we mentioned our problem.. y.. then we saw that grey waja with smashed windscreen.. & the plate number... hahahahahah the cuplrit is here.... what a day...personally met the driver & had a small discussion with him.. hehe the organizer were there ( a few of them).. hehe they mau taruk itu budak... sebab .. kalu ikut ceritanya.. dia tak berhenti bila marshal tahan & end up langgor rider.... tapi keadaan tidak berapa tegang sgt le masa tu.. alhamdullilah kalu tidak.. pecah sana sini lagi..

teman lari tarus.. malaih nak masuk campur.. the wfe did the police report then we went off.

a bit scary come to think of it. it can happen to any of us rider......... do not trust the crowd.. i mean other parties.. the safety is in your hand first ( of course with a pray to Allah because as a muslim, we know all come from him).. marshal are there or not, when we cross the road.. we make sure all are clear ourselves... y... if something like this happen to us...we put the trust on the marshal. but other road users do not care & still movin.. we then end up kena langgar & Allah knows what is going to be the story....

So , moral of the story... Take safety with your hand ... Pray before the ride for the only one protection. manage our safety.. & trust no one. Help others & enjoy the ride with a good consciousness.

then in the afternoon, we went to visit a family in Penang under "Kulim help to do team"

This was a social visit for "teach to fish " program.
Please refer here for more info on this. Join us if you care.

The link in facebook

Then that night i started to feel weird already.. damn tired..hehe
& this morning... feel like wanna get an mc hehe..

ok guys... see ya.. the next 1 is Ipoh... ooops.... Kayuhan terang malam Kulim.. dulu....

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  1. Video taken during our ride :P