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Monday, 5 April 2010

Post RUN 2010


It is really really far away....

Really really post.

After almost a month.....

im too lazy to update & do stuff.


had 2 times bikin session..

the story starts here.

After RUN2010, my jiran yang jahat n I went to Tokun for bikes servicin.
Hmmm usually i dont service my bike, i care less....
but what the heck,

the same day , Pyan wanna sell something. His baby XC fulsus Xtension.
Ha ha cut the story short. i bought it.

what am i goin to do with tonnes of bikes in my house?
like it or not...have to let go 2 of them.. cheap bikes anyone?????

So, i plan to maintain 2 bikes. A hardtail & a fullsus ( for free ride)
Setup the bike with 2.3 tires. wwowowowow.. i can go downhill like i never gone before.. it was fun.

We went to mount Erskine,( Published already), BUkit rimau reverse & it was awesome down the hill. I felt slow... but it went fast.

Yesterday , i went half of the Mini Jam Poly, wow.. the downhill but i suffered climbin. Damn. big tires & heavier machine + fitness gone... almost chocked up the hill... seriously need to stay fit.
Once after jamboree, rest for 2 weeks... restin is ok.. but the eating part kills me...

So,, all the trainin,, ill used my Heavy fullsus..( soon to be equipped with Weirwolf 2.55 tires) ye yaa.. i just got it from ebay. extra 1 pair left.. anyone????? but not cheap my fren... not cheap.

Jamboree.. used my hardtail.. then.. hei. Kiara.... im comin to see you soon..

Guys.. assalammualaikum...

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