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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Let the day begins...


new chapter, new pages or anything in similar is the best words to describe my feeling at the moment. It has been 3 months with no workout. yes i didnt even strecth...last 2 week the trailblazing caused me a week to recover. 2 days after the event i did felt so exhausted & fatique to everywhere. it was simple 14k run in the woods but my body was never up too it. It was my mind that bring mi to the finish line.& Of Course Allah's will.Insyaallah.

What can we learn from there.

several factors
1. Age=
my body need regular exercise to maintain my fitness level to the optimum. Not like before, when daily life was a routine cardio training as i used to run around & do things like mad. Metabolism rate is reducing with certain age ratio i guess.

2. Body mass =
Forget about BMI, even a simple stationary running , i can feel loose meat somewhere around my body is moving freely following the pattern of the overall body movement. Event at the facial area.With my height , I'm considered early obese according to the STD BMI reading. heheh my wife is happy now to know & having the best time of her life nyakat me with my weight. Hmm....
So loose weight.i know im not heading for the top podium place for any event i had joined but at least, i need to stay fit & minimize my energy usage to move competitively . So that i can use the saved energy for other things. In fact it is good for health & you will look good too. aha.
Target weight= 70KG
Current Weigth =70KG +15KG & sometime +18KG.

3.I need to develop my muscle & train.Hmm meaning start do more kayuh, run & even swim.The best is to plan even when you are lazy to do proper activity.To create a light recovery training system.

& last thing, enjoy life as a muslim.Being a muslim ,thrive & improve daily activities for the cause.That is most important anyway.all those are crap if this factor is not taken into account.Dont believe me? ,hehe free life , your choice. but i choose this way.InsyaAllah.

Morning workout

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