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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The first event.....


On the way to full recovery...
i had joined Genting trailblazer . My fren Fizi insisted me to be his partner for the day. Hmm..

I had 3 weeks after long recovery holiday to train.
But i decided to give myself only 1 week for that. In the end not even a day i do running. I had around taman bike ride with Jlo, itu pun Jlo mimpi ape tah datagn rumah aku ajak naik sebikal.. dah berbulan bulan aku & Jlo tak naik... penat jugak pusin taman
. Then aku main futsal seminggu sekali selama 2 jam.. aku rasa cukuple tu tak bagi jantung aku meletup nak join event ni.
sekali dpt email from the organizer.i went in just to discover that hei.. ini macam mampuih....
event memang tough.. 14k run in the woods with so many obstacles.. & the last part of tough hurdles are there waiting for u .. shoot.. i was scared N kecut perut just by tengok at the gambar...can i survive or not??
no choice... registered already...

during the event i can feel my stomach was vibrating heavily due to extra weight attached. hahaha

i need regular exercise & training. this coming December, kayuh lasak will be my maiden jamb after the accident. if like this... i might as well withdraw from the event.. hehhe im no quiter. but better be prepared than sorry..

Here goes all the pics.i can't see fellow bikers (MTB) in the event.Bike assists u in someway that you wont feel it is too punishing compare to this.(trailblazing) this one.. 2 have only 2 gears & a big range of speed depending on your capabilities. I used 2L & my speed was going shoppin in Mid valley after the first 6KM. hihihihi

Enjoy some pics & live "in the event" videos

Photo album link

Video Part 1

Video Part 2

Video part 3

Video part 4

Video part 5

Video part 6

Video part 7

Video part 8

more to come.. later..

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  1. gosh this is like real torture but guess what? i want to try next year .. thanks for sharing the horror with us LOL