Another stop???

Thursday, 26 March 2009


Assalammualaikum & very good evening to all.

First of all, sorry for not updating regularly on the blog but ive seen movement in my counter.
Thanks a lot for all the visitors.Do leave some mark in the blog. Whatever mark.
Complain from several visitor & Kulim Jamb. riders on seeking their photos, i have no choice but to group photos by plate. The bulk uploading produced small version of photos which make it harder for viewer.New option is an improvement & riders can download those collage photo if they don't desire to purchase them. Go to the Picasa link prepared & select the album which your plate # belong to . Choose view all for faster tracking of your plate. Unfortunately some riders has no photo snap on them. The odd is there. more than 6 photographers on the track but we still missed you. He He.
Here are some scenery of the event. The High & Low .

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