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Thursday, 26 March 2009

My daily Workin route,

Sibuk buat business sampai nak update untuk own biking event pun tak sempat..
Ok.. Ive got myself a new baby..the one yg amik macam amik grammy award.Phew... but worth it to own one..walaupun gores & menang.. It;s been ages i keep on studyin on the stuff & finally ive managed to own one.

So , i ve started my normal routine pegi balik keje naik sebikal.Just to save some money on fuel while burning my own fuel. I need to burn more of those. My weight is no longer ideal with my height. This resulted to not soo good group in term of BMi reading. Aha

Fun stuff biking .
Enjoy my daily route on bike. More to come on Kulim varsity of tracks.

To work

To work

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Going Home

Go home type 2.

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