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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Selling mode

Assalammualaikum n very good morning to all.

It has been ages for me to visit my own blog har har har.

Suddenly i feel the urge to start writin after i got some transaction goin for my previous post. yes. i kind of sold all my jerseys already hehe. Thanks to the buyers. Do come back , as ill be posting to sell more stuff . Im not going to use them, but still joining event here & there, so ill sell them to get some dough to upgrade or to go next event.

link to FB for my selling stuff_MTB Tires

My last posting was several months back & since then ive been joinin many events & had many new fun time with my rigs. Now , at my dispose, i have 3 ready rigs for any events. My Secret weapon Top fuel, My Mr Big (29er) & My new reclassification 69 Nickel Boy. ( 26" Santa Cruz Nickel turned 69er). It somehow looks like Santa Cruz Tall boy.

to list some event i have not updated:

-Kulim Jamboree 2012
-Kiara MTB Carnival 2012
-Cameron Highland & thompson trail torturing ride.
-Kayuh Bendang 2012
-Penang 4th CFAL 2012
-Penang MIni Kayuh Lasak .(combined partly  fun parts 2010/2011)

Soon event will be
-Hardrockjeliride 2012
-Langkawi International MTB Challenge. ( bercito cito tinggi, tapi semput har har har. im to enjoy the event, i have plan to go for the past 2 years & never got through. Really hope this time Allah will grant me the permission. InsyaAllah.

Maybe more.

Later babes.

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