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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

X Country really means???


Discover many parts of the world , is really something i look forward to & eager to go & see.

Yesterday , i had a conversation with 1 of this IFKM employee about biking.

I said , i do MTB n like "cross country " style..
He said , you bike to where?

I said, like behind IFKM through jungle & so on.
He said, that is not X country, that is more like a X state.

Ha ha ha.. Then it struck me...

Yeah.. for people whom never do outdoors or even school sports events.. might thing this way...

They never heard or heard it before but totally being ignorance.

Last time : no merentas desa for them in school.

N come to think about it.. why on earth "Larian Merentas Desa"= translate to "cross country run"????

Semak kepala memikior heheh..

Anyway.. it is one side of the story.

Many people might have different interpretation on a thing. different angle & come from diff experience & condition. Many variables involved.

So for me, with some biking experience... X country means = go travel about with anything u can grab on, but to cover details & experience true state of natures & even cultures,, biking will be the best means.

As they cover most area. ( almost everywhere). U can go here & there, 70% ride on & 30% pikul on you.. or any other combination.
Somehow the bike will help & let u enjoy the area better. what do u think?? u decide..

Last weekend.

Wang Kelian to a village in Satun & N Back. Beautiful scenery.  & if i travel by my mother trucker.. ill cover more area but.. less detail.

He He HE.. it was fun going through those nature rich country side like scene....SubhanaAllah.

Then the next day. Kulim Sg lembu K2 & Mengkuan g Dam.. Damn...

ZAin menyesal ikut ...but got to learn new stuff. i hope..

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  1. i think they (those english) refer country as to their kampung right? such country song, country-side and such... so cross country = merentas desa should makes sense... dont think too much bro :)