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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

2011 Kulim International

Assalammualaikum & very good morning.

This is my first time participate as a rider in Kulim.

in 2009, the maiden jamboree, i was a CP3 marshal. opened up bottles of water to riders & did the necessaries.
 It was hard by then, to look at others riding while we are only assisting. I really wished i took part in the event as rider. But anyhow... i can try the track anytime i want... but yeah... it is never the same.

in 2010, kayuhan terang malam, i did registered but had to pull out due to some issue. Had to go to KL & settle things out. haha.. actually i was not keen on riding at night anyway..

then this year, had a chance to become marshal .. but hei man... not this time.. this time... i want to feel how the riders going to feel..

The track is awesome. with mixtures of terrain & trail.
The torturing middle section was overlapped by the cool ,techie DH. i was lucky not to be in the mass group  when reaching the area. So i get to ride the section ( 80%) from top to down. the feeling was whoaaaa..

Then the last downhill was another killer... but somebody was in front. the rolling, the swerve & the slippery part made the day.. if only i could go faster... it will be mad... har har har..

In total, im happy to be in Kulim. where i can try the track anytime whenever i like. The track deserved a visit anytime for riders who which to feel the flow of fun. Even the first climbing part was something for us to try conquer in 1 go. i certainly will do again. cant do it on the day due to MTB ( mari tolak basikal).. hehe.. cannot blame them..   tell me someone? how to build leg (stamina) to climb that in 1 go  fast??????.. heheh it will be a challege.. for me after sometime.. my heart is pumpin like hell & that is it.. har har har..

1 thing i hate for sure...the 10-12 km flat road.. i hate road ... flat even worse... i don't feel anything on the straight flat tarmac. bloody hell...

The marshal, feeding point & etc were prime. ( most of them are frens hhihih) & somehow.. the moral support was there to boost mi up.... thanks to all.. & my jiran was also there giving out moral support .. ehehhe... on the motobike.. damn.. sepatutnya hang kayuh sekali... hampeh... tapi .. aku paham....hihhi

I had 3 frens from Kl who joined the event & had changed their perception on MTB completely. Their playground is Lembah klang area & just restarted the hobby. Their among the best quote were..
" lepas ni, track kat kl to tak ada apa la utk kita.. kita dah berjaya lepas yang ni"....
"Aku tak pernah rasa sepenat ini selama ni."
"Aku nak datang balik sini, selalu aku naik bukit steroid tu ok je, sini  ntah kenapa susah sangat"
" DH yg licin aku terus turun je.. byk kali aku jatuh tapi aku tak kira.. dah penat kayuh naik bukit .. so jumpe Dh best ni.. mana boleh lepas peluang.. habis semua org aku halau..aku tak kira"
" Bila lagi ada event kat kulim, hang terus register utk kami, jgn byk tanya , register kan, insyaAllah kami sampei"

& 1 of them is considered OKU. But he tried very hard to complete until the river crossing. he also enjoy the DH yg licin...
" datang jauh jauh .. nak miss out peluang ni.. & give up early.. podahh"
" ada 1 point, marshal tanya aku , abang sorang sorang je kat sini? abang yang last ke, hehe malu jugak ye la.. tapi saya nak continue.. marshal: abng continue until cross sungai aje ye.. kami dah stop dah yang lain dari naik ke sini."

Big salute to Him.. No retreat.. yet no surrender.. until marshal.. said.. masa dah time.. so .. next time then...

ENough said..

Link to my everytrail

hmm cant wait to invite them to join Nibong Tebal/Kayuh lasak & a few more northern " star track"..

Heheh Proud to commit myself to Kulim...

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