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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Mixed weekend. ( Kayuhan Amal for anak mizi venzo, Camping & biking trip & my com annual dinner. Infineon


Last weekend was great. i mean... very productive.. i killed 3 birds with 1 stone. actually...there were no birds.. ill change that.. i ate fishes like i never ate one before...1 strike.... 20 of them...
 enough mengarut..

The weekend already pre planned with activities.. My main would be the camping & biking trip to Ulu Mahang. The biggest event was the Kayuhan Amal for anak Mizi venzo.... Then my soft charging event  to close account for the weekend was the Infineon dinner.

All were great. only spent few mins with the lads for kayuhan amal. on the way to Camping & biking trip, we met them & decided to mingle for a while. Many riders.. it was like. wooooo...
good to see MTB folks....has branched out the scope...

Then , the camping stories began.
The turn up was pretty disappointing but we managed to squeeze out few  fun factors in it.

only 2 riders with 6 kampung lads.
This time, I continued with the event even after the last minute call off from few participants.
It was the fun things to do & alhamdullilah the small turn up was not a stopping factor. har har har..

 Again the main attraction was the waterfall & ikan tengas.
The delicacies were served to us like we should pay them RM150 per trip

let see the menu prepared by Org kampung for us

Saturday lunch

Ayam masak merah
Ikan kembung goreng
Jering & sambal belacan.
( pre cooked from kampung)

Gulai kari daging batang pisang. Famous baling,mahang or etc food for kenduri & tasted like one....
Ikan tengas goreng & bakar. ( freshly caught)
BBQ ayam
Ayam goreng

Sunday breakfast.
additional ikan tengas & ayam goreng (left from previous included)

Sunday lunch
additional ikan tengas goreng (left over from previous included)

So ni trip camping & biking  tapi actually camping ,biking & gemukan badan & makan good food.

Cant imagine the just charged us RM40 per head. i didnt do a single. thing.

On saturday afternoon, we biked to the tip of the banjaran bintag. about 30km from the campsite. but unfortunately we had to stop 3.4 way. Byk sgt tapak kaki & tahi fumakilla clan. Then motorcross support advised us to change our plan. aha... not a problem.. after 3 pinggan nasi for lunch... the was the best decision heheh..
We were escorted by 2 motorcorss & 1 cupcross.. ( part of the deal)

The next day , man & decided to join the org kampung to menjala ikan tengas again.. hmm..
lembik kami.. it was too tiring & adventurous... i dont know how describe.,. but later in the future... you guys wanna join us... then join the manjala trip..then you know..

went out about 1600 & by 1830 i reached E & O hotel penang for my co dinner.

Came late & missed the red carpet part.. i was placed on the second floor due to no more space on the main hall. haha  not an issue. Happening day for my co. performances, fashion show & stuff. The Many assets were revealed & i was shocked myself.. how come?? who?? do i know you form somewhere?

i dont know how much the had spent on those... but they sure looked stunning...

the end

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