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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Im drillin


 hhe petang tadi lepas kayuh.. eden pi ke accessories shop & asked the guy to install thule bed rider device on my Frontier..  bought 3 of those stuff from ebay. wanna secure my bikes back there.
 1 of my bike has long wheel base. (19.5 inch frame)... so .. no choice but have to improvise to secure the ride. hehe it will looks a bit weird from the rest. ( the rest all settle down inside the truck backside.. but this one.. tercunget sikit.. hehe. tapi secure le..  no need to worry frame or parts terlanggor.. haha

tapi tak siap sepenuhnya.. mata drill depa snapped to complete the first unit. then it was too late to buy a new one as it was 730 already.. tomorrow im going to complete the installation.. but new babeh fitted well & easily can be transport anywhere securely insyaAllah..

haha yes..

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