Another stop???

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

readin & searchin..


i need to do something....

google & google some more..

look what i see...
&.. the story behind.... anywhere in Malaysia is doin this??? i wanna take part....
come on guys... start doing similar endurance type... jamboree is getting lame.. heheh ( sendiri pun kayuh 5-6 jam utk 50km distance har har)..

Why not...bigger challenges required bigger preparation & motivation...

Ha ha ha.. actually there are  few of similar kind....  just check it out..

Organizers... squeeze performance out of this... not "bling bling" to your pocket only..

i also checked on this...

good to know..


So, happy Maulud nabi. ( Muhammad SAW). If can, muslim, participate in the ceramah of some sort. it is required for us to at least read the Prophet Sirah for a bit during the day. (Going to any mosque & listen to ceramah will do..)

InsyaAllah...guys...U decide.


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