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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

GAS Overall Summary & brief info.. ( penulis dah malaih) har har har


Enjoy summary & statistic..

8 days & 7 nights not so secret recipe......

Then this is the summary of main event. Biking & hiking.

& the little for fun statistic.. ( dah tak ada kerja lain)

Total mileage (Biking & hiking)
Total mileage for Biking
Total mileage for Hiking
Sum of time taken for both activities
Sum of time taken for biking
Time taken for hiking
daily elevation Profile (Both activities)

Daily downhill profile ( both activities)

What sort of mood you are looking for ??
Day 1: almost equal amount of elevation & downhill, Meaning flat road. So, im not good at straight line flat road speed. hate it. hate to push myself.Nothing to proof or achieve for me .
Day 2: Big elevation meaning big  & long climbing. Head down.Something we look forward to. ( for mental ,stamina & bla bla training. You ill go slowly & steadily. Little place to recover .Mainly torturing & damn.. bila nak habis ni..

Day 3: Hiking day. Of course just climbing. but a little flat & some downhill if Using Mersilau route. If timpohon, expect no mercy. mostly total climbing. I was not smilling at all for the last 1KM.
Day 4: To summit & all the way down through timpohon gate. Big downhil. Yes.. 3 km uphill & 8 km going down. Torturing & wished i had brought along my fullsus bike.

Day 5:More downhill compare to climbing. Meaning. rolling route.Yeah.. enjoy a bit but ha ha ha .. hill come & go... The view is just nice..

Day 6: More downhill of course. infact fun & scary downhill . The climbing is to the highest peak of the journey, but you know it is the last climb ( heavy one).. so just go for it.. har har.har..

My vote for the toughest day is: 2nd day
My best day : The last ride ( day 6)


It is fun to merapu statistically. Hehehe at least i had fun doing it.. that matters the most........


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