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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

3rd-4th JUly 2010 out of the house weekend


i barely at home.
Was away 75% of the time. ( Weekend)

The full 11 hours out & about.
We tried first half of 2009 kayuh lasak & then improvised our way back via the beach area.
Thanks the technology, i was able to just follow the tracking i did during the 2009 event.
Surely the feeling is different. Jamboree time always add up extra motivation & boost outside world energy.

It was a hard day & enjoyable time for us. At least mi...

Out from home by 0645.
with Faizal Celestica to Tmn Kenari
Picked up Usop transformer
Then Petronas Tmn Selasih for Amin & Mr Ooi.

Haha , Moto geng jahat. biar tak tepat masa tapi sampai
& the journey began
first stop, my favourite kedai tgk wayang.
transfer road breakfast was the one.

then by 0930 we started to climb
heheh y & y.. by 1100 we reached the turning point
went down & about
until we met another short climb...

every unrecognized junction  we stop to check
ALhamdullilah, the machine worked well
finally arrived at the place
where scary full concentration donwhill make the way

phewww.. the adrenaline was pumping again.
we were stopped by anjing on the way
then the rolling in the wood took place.
again the machine lead us in without fail.

single trail ,pokok tumbang wereeverywhere
bangla & apek were friendly
anjing anjing were intimidated
who cares ,,

Finally met the final part.
where we went down zig zagging with a gaung at 1 side.
1 simple mistake we will tergolek
but Again Alhamdulillah , we managed not to break.

Performed our Zohor at Teluk Bahang Mosque.
It was 1530 by then
Lunch at Khalil before the final break
yes. we had our final break at tanjung bungah due to heavy rain pour.

Reached my home at 1915.
Almost missed Asar.. hmmm nasib baik
it was the best day
total biking is the way.

Then that night went to Baling. ( kg Telok Pari)
Watched Jarman Belasah Arghentine..
Ha ha ha.. go Infineon

by 0100 mata dha tak larat.
 terbungkang kat romah org , langsung tak ingatt

the next morning. i had many makan session
orng kampung jamu memamcam,
nasi lemak, roti canai, kuih muih, Pulut,santa & durian,
bihun sup & more if i stayed longer.. damn...

early morning trip masuk kebun sawit, durian & many more.
& many potential biking trail was observed.
wait for more info & trial

Then. balik kulim by 1430.
took a little nap & malam went to sunway carnival for Knight & day movie.
nak tgk Ip man. tapi bini aku nak tgk sesama next week.. so
aku bantai cerita tu.. nasib baik best.

Cameron Diaz.. hmmm Yez Yez....
Ha ha ha.. enjoy geng.

al pictures

Im back at kayuh lasak

Kg Telok Pari, Baling

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