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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Kulim Track revisited


24th May 2009
-Team of 5 from out of nowhere went to checkpoint 2 till 3.
The trip was good. Short & nice as this was my first ride after long vacation.
There was an offered to join KHTBIKERZ trip but it was too last minute.

observed a group of team enterin the same track on that day. It was HAWK .
Met them at the cp2 waterfall.
Fell for the second time . This time more luka & it will take several weeks to recover .
Hmm Nibong tebal??? can make it or not. ALready registered.
Attached pic of both team encounter & the look of the first blood.
Thanks mre HAWK. saya curi gambo hangpa... heheh tapi takpa... your watermark is still there to claim the prize.. hahah

Long downhil of Kulim Track seduced me to go faster until i dropped. haha.
few meters flyin & big & deep scratch on my helmet. If no helmet ,,,, no more left side head ..

Overall the trip was good. I was very slow overall but managed to complete . 5 weeks of inactive in biking really punished me. I lost everything .. stamina,speed & all.Just managed to climb very slowly the raja bukit.

All folks.... enjoy

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