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Monday, 27 April 2009

After a while


Sorry for being quiet. It has been a while.
Let us talk.

Today is my first time biking after 3 weeks off.
It was fun , short,sweet & fun.
We met new fella & they joined us to Ulu Paip off road.
Nice fella

Then we met Geng Gerek Bukit.
A sad tragedy happen nearby. A mom & her son died on the spot due to an accident.
Al fatihah to them.

It was sad & scary come to think about it. Abang Kamil happen to be there with Bro Brahim & took few picas. Not dare to look. Life does not belong to you. Allah can take away from you anytime ,anywhere & anyhow.

I did upload our trail to everytrail. This is the link. Please refer if interested. The track is just short & nice to warm up.

Met a MTB group at Ulu Paip. I guess Team Hawk.

Then we had a few drinks with Gerek Bukit 's team. Stories to catch up.

Before heading home, Amin & I had another drink. ( Cheapest air soya)

We call it a day around 1230. Too early for our standard. But we had to resist an offer to ride into Gunung Pongsu by Mr Brahim. Too tired already.

I was not the 2nd guy who reached the stopping point before the final climp to the top of the hill.

Enjoy folks

Everytrail link

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